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Watch This Now: Bombay Beach


in the most depressing place in america.

Bombay Beach┬áis a tiny miracle of a film, one that whispers louder than most documentaries scream. If you’ve never seen the Salton Sea,* this is a beautiful introduction to its innate conflicts–the epitome of a failed city. Following a “hyperactive” well-meaning boy born at the Salton Sea, an NFL-dreaming teen transplant from Compton, and an old hardscrabble man who bet on the Sea and lost.

The cinematography (and the audio recording) is dazzling.

The music by Beirut and Bob Dylan doesn’t hurt, either.

*For a look at the more whimsical side of the disaster that is the Salton Sea (and an in-depth look at its past and present), watch Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea.