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in my time of dyeing


Once I realized I could take control of my life, I started looking for things that would make me happy and might even generate some income eventually. One of the things I hit upon was dyeing fiber. As you can see from my blog here, I’m an avid knitter and spinner; I think of these pursuits as my valium substitutes. I am also very opinionated about yarn colors (ask my husband how many times he’s heard me exclaim “Ooooh! That’s…incredible!” and “Oh my god. Seriously? Ew.” from behind my computer screen when I’m yarn shopping online). There are some colorways I have been searching for over several years and have yet to find (i.e., a self-striping neon pink/tan–isn’t this color scheme popular enough to warrant an indie-dyer’s take yet?) I also love those hobbies that are part creativity, part chemistry (see: baking, cheese making). So why hadn’t I ever dyed my own yarn?


Well, I did. Finally. And I love it! I’m nowhere near ready to post a how-to (let alone even think about selling the fruits of my experiments) but I’m loving the process and excited by the possibilities. Hopefully you’ll be seeing much more about this soon! For now, here are a few little tastes.



new beginnings

I thought this would be a fitting segue.


Why on earth I thought this year, my second year of law school, would be a good idea to try to knit everyone in my family Christmas gifts, I have no idea. But here goes. I only started knitting a few months ago, so I’m not even that fast yet, and homework/outlining is really eating into my knitting time. But here goes anyway. Above are three projects I’m working on now: a scarf for my dad, a hat for my mom, and a ruffly scarf for my stepmom.

I always, as a rule, ┬áhave three knitting projects ongoing. I am a serial starter, and if left to my own devices, would have about seventeen projects started by now and none finished. But if I limit myself to one at a time, I get bored and it winds up half-finished as well. Three is perfect–I make sure they are different enough to keep me interested, and the desire to start the next project acts as a great incentive to finish one I’m working on.