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Going to meet this man today. And by “meet” I mean volunteer for the event, put on by the organization I’m interning for.

Dreaming of walking barefoot in the park and parties at West Egg and electric horsemen.


spontaneous bhangra

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subway fml

What I think every time I wait for the F.

Sadly, MTA got wise. They’re taking it down.

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philadelphia freedom

Today was the day of my big move: this summer, I will be living in Philadelphia for an internship in Center City. I was fortunate enough to have a friend who was looking to sublet his room in a three-bedroom house in Grey’s Ferry (for, incidentally, 24% of my current rent) and I love the neighborhood. I’ll be missing Bklyn, Nick, and my kitty, but the Bolt bus is cheap, and there is a new kitty to play with here.

The only downsides, so far? Well, I had to leave my Canon Rebel with Nick because he uses it at work, and my old point-and-shoot is busted, leaving me camera-less this summer. I’ve convinced myself that I’ll just have to sketch everything instead. Also, I couldn’t fit my sewing machine in my suitcase, but I have plans for getting it down here soon. [EDIT:] Also, it’s really hot in here. [EDIT:] Also, when I open the window, it kind of smells like cats in the bedroom. Probably because of all the stray cats down there.

images: Top, poster by Ork via Parcel Post. Bottom, Philly mural, weheartit.

ramble around red hook

Nick and I went for a long walk around Red Hook. Initially, we were on our way to Ikea, but we quickly got sidetracked. There are so many corners and alleyways in Red Hook that demand investigating!

We got skyline views, authentic key lime pies, and old New York charm. We also found a bar we’ve been looking for, a grocery store we’ve been looking for, and we drooled over many lofts we’d love to own.

Check out the whole flickr set for more Red Hook beauty.

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the complete metropolis

Nick + I ran to the subway, then the theatre, to see this. We made it with seconds to spare, though we were forced to sit in the very last row.

I love this film, but I hate to say it, it felt like it ran about 15 minutes too long. The newly-discovered footage is interesting, to be sure, but not exactly necessary. There were only a few scenes that I felt really warranted inclusion.

That said, I never miss an opportunity to sit in a movie theatre. There is no where in the world I feel more at home and safe.

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