Monthly Archives: May 2012

made yarn. made a hat.

Spun this 2-ply yarn on a Kundert 1.3 oz. spindle out of a 2 oz. of Spunky Eclectic Falkland roving in the “Jamming” colorway. ┬áThis is my very first handspun! It took a lifetime (okay, a month) of intermittent effort, but in the end, it was so worth it. Sure, it’s a little thick-and-thin. Sure, it’s only 100 yards of a worsted weight yarn. But, hey, it was enough for the most beautiful hat I’ve ever made:

Maybe it’s so beautiful because I know I made the whole thing myself, start to finish. Because I can look at it and see the work my hands did to convert from a delicate raw material into an object to keep me warm. Or maybe because it has a neat crown (I designed it and forgot to take notes, or a picture) and it striped in a fun way (unintentionally). Anyway, I love it.

confused? no, just in awe.