Lesson No. 2: Plans Don’t Always Go As Planned

My “serious” life got in the way of my “fun” life–it seems to do this even when I take “fun” very seriously. But I am back now, and full of resolve and resolutions. I don’t tend to make those, mostly because I don’t tend to keep many of them, but this year I decided to be  a full-fledged member of our goal-oriented society. Here goes:

  • Use this blog as it was intended–to spur me to do new and sensory-oriented things.
  • Learn at least three new crafts this year (soap making? embroidery? quilting?)
  • Do my best (this is something I honestly have never tried before).
  • Try at least three new food preparation methods this year (canning preserves? pickling? tagine stews? fireside cookery? Edit: Just saw this related blog post from the Kitchn.)
  • Learn to play the banjo (it’s been intimidating me since last I picked it up).
  • Take better care of my surroundings.
  • In the crafts and cookery I do know, make an effort to learn three new advanced techniques this year.
  • Start designing my own handknits–three designs this year (already starting one!)
  • Finish what I start, or truly give up on it–no leaving things half-assed.

Is that it? I think that’s it. Any more and I would be setting myself up for failure. Wish me luck, and see you back here soon.


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