new beginnings

I thought this would be a fitting segue.


Why on earth I thought this year, my second year of law school, would be a good idea to try to knit everyone in my family Christmas gifts, I have no idea. But here goes. I only started knitting a few months ago, so I’m not even that fast yet, and homework/outlining is really eating into my knitting time. But here goes anyway. Above are three projects I’m working on now: a scarf for my dad, a hat for my mom, and a ruffly scarf for my stepmom.

I always, as a rule,  have three knitting projects ongoing. I am a serial starter, and if left to my own devices, would have about seventeen projects started by now and none finished. But if I limit myself to one at a time, I get bored and it winds up half-finished as well. Three is perfect–I make sure they are different enough to keep me interested, and the desire to start the next project acts as a great incentive to finish one I’m working on.


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