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new beginnings

I thought this would be a fitting segue.


Why on earth I thought this year, my second year of law school, would be a good idea to try to knit everyone in my family Christmas gifts, I have no idea. But here goes. I only started knitting a few months ago, so I’m not even that fast yet, and homework/outlining is really eating into my knitting time. But here goes anyway. Above are three projects I’m working on now: a scarf for my dad, a hat for my mom, and a ruffly scarf for my stepmom.

I always, as a rule, ¬†have three knitting projects ongoing. I am a serial starter, and if left to my own devices, would have about seventeen projects started by now and none finished. But if I limit myself to one at a time, I get bored and it winds up half-finished as well. Three is perfect–I make sure they are different enough to keep me interested, and the desire to start the next project acts as a great incentive to finish one I’m working on.



little brooklyn

Hello, anyone who is still there (were you ever there?) I’m sorry for the prolonged, unexplained¬†hiatus. I guess you could say this blog was having an identity crisis.

You see, I love reading other people’s blogs, and I really wanted to take part in what seems like a nurturing, vivacious community. The only problem was that I had nothing to write about. I figured if I kept posting things that caught my fancy, I’d eventually figure out what it was I wanted to say. Only I didn’t. So I stopped saying anything.

Well, today I decided what about me I wanted to share: me. What I do. What I want to do. A big part of my life is about doing. Making. Creating. I think that’s why I named this blog what I did. So this, from now on, is about my life, which is sure to include at least the following:

  1. Cooking
  2. Photography
  3. Travel
  4. Crafts
  5. Books
  6. Music
  7. Art
  8. Things I want
  9. Academic musing

Note that this is not an exhaustive list, just what I came up with today in my Constitutional Law class (an aside: this is the reason professors really shouldn’t let students use laptops in class.)

It took me a while to come to terms with just how navel-gazing this blog will really be; I mean, a blog about my insular life when there are so many more important things in the world? Maybe, but ultimately, I write this blog for me, as a record of my life (as it is and as I hope it to be). You are welcome to read along, too, but consider yourself warned.