I am ordering you all to take up a collection to buy me this right now.

You think I’m kidding.

I’m not.

I have been searching for years–yes, years–for a raincoat. But not just any raincoat; it has to be the raincoat. To give you an idea of just how picky I am about raincoats, I spent an entire year in Vancouver without one because I couldn’t find any I liked. Vancouver. A year. Really.

I actually did find a raincoat I wanted a few months ago, back when it was actually raining. It was a cute Calvin Klein anorak. I bought it online. They shipped it. A few weeks later, I called to find out why I hadn’t gotten it. They told me it was destroyed in shipping. Destroyed. And there were no more to replace it.

And so I remain raincoatless. Until now. Until you all find the $378 + shipping to buy me this one. I know I’m bossy, but trust me, it’s preferable to listening to me complain about my lack of raincoat for another year.

(In XS. Better hurry. They’re almost sold out.)


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