philadelphia freedom

Today was the day of my big move: this summer, I will be living in Philadelphia for an internship in Center City. I was fortunate enough to have a friend who was looking to sublet his room in a three-bedroom house in Grey’s Ferry (for, incidentally, 24% of my current rent) and I love the neighborhood. I’ll be missing Bklyn, Nick, and my kitty, but the Bolt bus is cheap, and there is a new kitty to play with here.

The only downsides, so far? Well, I had to leave my Canon Rebel with Nick because he uses it at work, and my old point-and-shoot is busted, leaving me camera-less this summer. I’ve convinced myself that I’ll just have to sketch everything instead. Also, I couldn’t fit my sewing machine in my suitcase, but I have plans for getting it down here soon. [EDIT:] Also, it’s really hot in here. [EDIT:] Also, when I open the window, it kind of smells like cats in the bedroom. Probably because of all the stray cats down there.

images: Top, poster by Ork via Parcel Post. Bottom, Philly mural, weheartit.


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